Health Department

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Kagwire Robert

Municipal health inspector.

Mandate of the Directorate

The Public Health and Environment Directorate (PH&ED) has the mandate to facilitate and provide support to ensuring health and productivity citizens; and a clean, habitable and sustainable community for the city. The Directorate guides the Municipality on the efficient management of public health and the environment.

Strategic Direction

PH&ED has defined its strategic direction to institute frameworks to proactively research and stem the occurrence and spread of communicable, acute and chronic diseases; foster health equity and nurture a healthy, conducive and sustainable community and environment.

Core Functions of PH&E Directorate

The Core Functions include the following:

Our Executive

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Regina Bakitte

Her Worship The Mayor.

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Atwoko Jimmy Ambrose

Town Clerk.

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Hajjat Ssengendo Hadijah

Deputy Town Clerk.

Our Parterners