Health Services

Services offered by Municipality.

The municipality is mandated with provision of services in the municipality that enable residents and businesses operating in the municipality function in an environment that supports development.

The municipality oversees the provision of health services through the Directorate of Health and Environment.

Nansana municipality faces health challenges associated with any developing municipality. Priority is given to HIV/AIDS and the resultant opportunistic infections, diarrhoeal and respiratory diseases, and malaria. The directorate also monitors food handling and food hygiene practices and generally enforces the Public Health Act.

Working with several other partners, efforts have been made to provide preventive measures as well as infrastructural support and public education in health matters.

The Directorate consists of two main branches - ;
the curative and the preventive both at municipality Hall and in the Divisions through 10 health centres. Theses health facilities provide ante-natal and curative services. The health department also has the mandate to ensure food hygiene codes of practice in hotels, restaurants, and bars

Our Executive

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Regina Bakitte

Her Worship The Mayor.

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Atwoko Jimmy Ambrose

Town Clerk.

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Hajjat Ssengendo Hadijah

Deputy Town Clerk.

Our Parterners